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On this page you can find all EmailChessPoint players who are registered in a running or advertised tournament - today 78 -, first sorted alphabetically. A list of all players can be found here. You find absent players on the list of the absent players.

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1Altmann, Udo2155‑386 D-101 E-147 KO-022 KO-039 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-056 S-058 T-125 D-006 D-031 D-054 D-064 E-022 E-046 E-062 KO-003 KO-006 KO-017 S-001 S-012 S-030 S-034 T-007 T-011 T-014 T-036 T-054 T-055 T-056 T-057 T-076 T-088 T-08918311416859842560,1 %101,0
2Augustin, Christian2014‑135 KO-021 KO-024 KO-025 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-052 T-119 T-125 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_C_2020 C-002 D-049 D-054 D-072 D-079 E-042 E-046 E-058 E-059 KO-015 KO-016 KO-017 S-028 S-029 S-031 T-066 T-078 T-079 T-090 T-109 T-110119211736681359,8 %70,0
3Azpiri, Luis2106‑155 Pokal_2020 S-041 S-033161662843,8 %7,0
4Baermann, Joachim1915‑110 T-124 3._Liga_A_2019 3._Liga_E_2020 D-027 D-035 D-079 E-017 E-025 Pokal_2019 S-017 T-028 T-0914544119111159,8 %24,5
5Borrmann, Fritz2051‑493 KO-020 KO-033 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-039 S-043 2._Liga_B_2018 2._Liga_B_2019 2._Liga_B_2022 3._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_A_2021 F-003 F-004 F-005 KO-008 KO-016 LigaA1 S-002 S-018 S-035 T-005 T-049 T-055 T-056 T-062 T-063 T-071 T-087 T-108129112849453455,9 %71,5
6Briceno, Jose1853‑22 D-084 KO-032 Pyramide6660,0 %0,0
7Chlupka, Lina2196‑2 3._Liga_A_2023 Pokal_2022 Team_League_2022-2311101150,0 %0,5
8Chlupka, Marvin1760‑2 3._Liga_B_2023 Pokal_2022 Team_League_2022-2311832166,7 %2,0
9Claus, Jens1997‑296 KO-020 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide Team_Captains_4 Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 3._Liga_C_2022 D-023 D-029 KO-003 KO-004 Pokal_2019 S-013 S-019 S-022 Team_Captains_2 Team_Captains_3 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-221171210532462752,4 %55,0
10Cremerius, Armin1924‑88 KO-026 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 KO-011 Pokal_20191321128154,5 %6,0
11Diener, Reinhard2188‑330 1._Liga_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide Team_League_2022-23 1._Liga_2021 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_A_2019 Pokal_2019 S-008 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22109261012470758,4 %59,0
12Drefke, Arno1552‑280 3._Liga_B_2023 D-095 D-097 E-118 E-126 E-133 KO-035 KO-038 Pyramide S-052 S-054 S-055 S-057 S-058 T-117 Team_League_2022-23696935618,0 %5,5
13Feix, Torsten2056‑48 Pokal_2020 Pyramide 2._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_A_2021 D-047 KO-014 Pokal_2019 S-026 S-027 Team_League_2019-20515120131852,0 %26,5
14Gburek, Juergen2341‑73 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2019882662,5 %5,0
15Grimm, Wolfgang1664‑1257 D-084 D-085 D-090 D-093 E-107 E-112 E-114 E-115 E-119 E-120 E-123 E-133 E-135 E-138 E-144 E-151 KO-021 KO-023 KO-025 Pokal_2020 Pyramide S-040 S-043 S-044 S-045 S-049 S-050 S-061 T-116 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2019 D-023 D-025 D-034 D-056 D-061 D-063 D-069 D-070 D-073 D-074 E-019 E-030 E-031 E-032 E-040 E-042 E-050 E-051 E-054 E-066 E-073 E-074 KO-003 KO-004 KO-005 KO-007 KO-008 KO-009 KO-010 KO-011 KO-012 S-007 S-008 S-009 S-010 S-011 S-012 S-014 S-015 S-017 S-018 S-019 S-020 S-021 S-022 S-023 S-025 S-027 S-028 S-032 S-033 S-034 S-036 S-037 T-021 T-034 T-035 T-039 T-070 T-096 T-10737220352973422132,4 %114,0
16Grott, Peter2214‑2013 1._Liga_2023 Pokal_2020 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 1._Liga_2022 LM2017 Pokal_201956254448251,9 %28,0
17Heyn, Wolfgang2027‑250 D-098 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 S-039 S-046 S-053 S-057 3._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 3._Liga_D_2022 D-057 D-058 D-070 D-078 S-030 S-031 S-032 T-1008457929391161,4 %48,5
18Hoeger, Guenter2065‑328 3._Liga_A_2023 KO-029 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-038 S-043 S-044 S-049 S-050 S-055 S-056 S-059 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_E_2020 D-001 F-004 KO-001 KO-016 MK-01 Pokal_2019 S-004 S-007 S-012 S-017 S-024 S-026 S-029 S-031 S-033 T-001 T-008 T-013 T-015 T-031 T-043 T-059 T-072 T-074 T-075 T-081 T-095 T-098246117228801004857,0 %130,0
19Hoeppenstein, Michael2330‑936 1._Liga_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2022 KO-009 LM2017 LigaA2 Pokal_2019 T-073 T-074 Team_League_2019-201164112347865,2 %73,0
20Hoffmann, Heiko2082‑180 3._Liga_A_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_B_2020 2._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_A_2019 3._Liga_A_2022 Pokal_2019 Team_League_2021-22507431520858,1 %25,0
21Ilchen, Holger2121‑46 2._Liga_B_2023 Pokal_2020 Team_League_2022-23 MK-01 Team_League_2021-221911816150,0 %4,0
22Jakobi, Markus2082‑38 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Pokal_2019 S-031 T-098 T-102 T-1132412361763,0 %14,5
23John, Guenter1853‑771 3._Liga_B_2023 E-151 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-039 S-044 S-045 S-046 S-050 S-051 S-053 S-057 S-060 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_B_2018 3._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_B_2022 3._Liga_C_2019 F-004 S-002 S-004 S-010 S-015 S-016 S-018 S-021 S-024 S-025 S-030 S-032 S-034 S-035 S-03721412202355211530,2 %61,0
24Keller, Gert Dr.2239‑497 1._Liga_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2022 2._Liga_B_2021 MK-01 Pokal_2019 T-013803771162454,5 %42,0
25Klawitter, Bernd1586‑129 Pokal_2020 D-055 D-063 Team_League_2020-2110102820,0 %2,0
26Klein, Manfred2155‑218 Pokal_2020 Pyramide 2._Liga_B_2020 2._Liga_B_2022502481230656,3 %27,0
27Kluge, Bernd2220‑166 2._Liga_A_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_B_2022 Pokal_2019 S-006926862855364,5 %55,5
28Knoblauch-Becker, Manfredo2250‑462 1._Liga_2023 D-091 KO-022 KO-024 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-035 KO-036 KO-037 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-041 S-045 S-048 S-052 S-053 S-055 S-059 S-060 T-117 T-120 Team_League_2022-23 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 1._Liga_2022 2._Liga_B_2018 2._Liga_B_2019 D-005 D-006 D-011 D-012 D-037 D-044 D-045 E-098 F-005 F-006 KO-002 KO-008 KO-011 KO-013 Pokal_2019 S-001 S-003 S-004 S-005 S-015 S-019 S-020 S-021 S-022 S-035 S-037 T-113 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22284172671341171672,1 %192,5
29Koehler, Hans-Christian1814‑269 3._Liga_A_2023 E-114 KO-026 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 Pyramide S-040 2._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2018 3._Liga_C_2020 D-075 E-080 S-006 T-033 T-037 T-078 T-080 T-1047576819212843,4 %29,5
30Kornblum, Dittmar1941‑446 D-082 E-150 KO-040 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 3._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_B_2022 3._Liga_D_2019 3._Liga_D_2020 D-032 D-033 D-038 D-040 D-046 D-062 D-063 D-066 E-059 E-091 F-006 KO-013 LM2017 S-026 Team_League_2019-208548134182953,1 %43,0
31Krampe, Christian2004‑37 Pyramide1511411353,6 %7,5
32Krebs, Hans1932‑400 3._Liga_B_2023 F-009 KO-025 KO-026 KO-029 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_D_2020 3._Liga_D_2021 3._Liga_D_2022 C-003 C-005 D-069 D-081 F-007 F-008 KO-001 KO-002 KO-003 KO-004 KO-006 KO-008 KO-011 KO-013 KO-014 KO-015 Pokal_2019 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22123711633493449,6 %57,5
33Krueger, Dirk2282‑203 1._Liga_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 Pyramide 1._Liga_2021 1._Liga_2022 2._Liga_B_2019 2._Liga_B_2020 LM2017 LigaA1 Pokal_2019882863252267,4 %58,0
34Krutsch, Thomas2031‑202 2._Liga_B_2023 D-083 D-086 D-088 D-091 D-093 D-094 D-095 D-096 D-097 D-099 D-100 E-104 E-105 E-107 E-109 E-110 E-113 E-117 E-121 E-122 E-131 E-134 E-136 E-140 E-141 E-145 E-150 E-153 E-156 KO-019 KO-020 KO-021 KO-022 KO-023 KO-024 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-033 KO-034 KO-035 KO-036 KO-037 KO-038 KO-039 KO-040 KO-041 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-038 S-043 S-046 S-047 S-048 S-049 S-051 S-052 S-054 S-055 S-056 S-057 S-058 S-059 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_B_2022 3._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 D-058 D-060 D-061 D-062 D-065 D-066 D-067 D-069 D-071 D-074 D-081 E-049 E-050 E-052 E-055 E-057 E-060 E-063 E-064 E-068 E-071 E-075 E-079 E-083 E-088 E-092 E-094 E-097 E-099 E-103 S-036 S-037 Team_League_2021-2233591244131625166,4 %162,0
35Lange, Steffen2109‑901 KO-025 KO-032 KO-039 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-038 S-048 S-060 T-114 2._Liga_B_2020 D-003 D-039 E-074 F-004 KO-003K Pokal_2019 S-001 S-005 S-016 S-030 T-022 T-039 T-085 T-08699198943341267,4 %60,0
36Lemke, Burghard2158‑302 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 Pokal_2019 Team_League_2019-20232388752,2 %12,0
37Malewicz, Frank1987‑740 Pokal_2020 S-040 3._Liga_A_2019 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2020 D-030 D-045 D-071 KO-006 KO-015 S-013 S-024 S-028 S-033 Team_League_2020-21686827212055,1 %37,5
38Mansholt, Alfred1948‑42 KO-018 KO-020 KO-021 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-034 KO-037 KO-040 Pokal_2021 Pyramide D-024 D-040 KO-005 KO-006 KO-0104824620111555,4 %25,5
39Marten, Gero2087‑33 KO-011 Pokal_2019441362,5 %2,5
40Martin, Bernhard2290‑173 1._Liga_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2023 Team_League_2022-23 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 1._Liga_2022 LigaA2 Pokal_2019 T-065673641944164,1 %41,0
41Martins, Karin2016‑1242 3._Liga_B_2023 D-082 D-083 D-084 D-086 D-087 D-088 D-089 D-090 D-096 D-098 D-099 D-101 D-102 D-104 E-104 E-109 E-111 E-113 E-117 E-125 E-127 E-128 E-129 E-131 E-132 E-139 E-140 E-141 E-147 E-152 KO-018 KO-019 KO-020 KO-021 KO-022 KO-023 KO-024 KO-025 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-033 KO-034 KO-035 KO-036 KO-037 KO-038 KO-039 KO-040 KO-041 KO-042 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 Pyramide S-038 S-039 S-040 S-041 S-042 S-044 S-045 T-114 T-115 T-116 T-117 T-118 T-120 T-121 T-122 T-123 T-124 Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_B_2022 3._Liga_C_2020 3._Liga_D_2019 D-075 D-076 D-077 D-078 E-055 E-061 E-064 E-070 E-071 E-072 E-075 E-076 E-077 E-078 E-081 E-082 E-084 E-085 E-089 E-090 E-092 E-093 E-101 E-102 KO-001 KO-003 KO-003K KO-004 KO-005 KO-006 KO-007 KO-016 KO-017 Pokal_2019 S-011 S-012 S-036 S-037 T-001 T-024 T-025 T-040 T-041 T-042 T-044 T-045 T-046 T-047 T-048 T-049 T-050 T-051 T-052 T-054 T-057 T-058 T-059 T-061 T-062 T-063 T-064 T-065 T-067 T-068 T-069 T-070 T-075 T-076 T-077 T-078 T-079 T-080 T-081 T-082 T-083 T-084 T-085 T-086 T-087 T-090 T-091 T-093 T-094 T-100 T-101 T-102 T-103 T-104 T-105 T-106 T-108 T-109 T-111 T-112 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-225941284661709520146,7 %217,5
42Mathes, Christian2055‑15 KO-027 D-0067741264,3 %4,5
43Mayer, Roger2465‑502 KO-028 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_League_2022-23 Team_League_2021-22227157873,3 %11,0
44Montermann, Klaus1914‑55 KO-038 Pokal_202233
45Neumann, Frank1401‑745 3._Liga_B_2023 E-112 KO-018 KO-019 KO-021 KO-025 KO-028 KO-031 KO-033 KO-034 KO-037 KO-040 KO-041 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 Pyramide S-038 S-051 S-052 S-061 Team_Captains_4 Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_D_2019 3._Liga_D_2021 3._Liga_D_2022 C-001 C-002 C-004 C-005 D-072 D-073 D-074 KO-001 KO-002 KO-003K KO-004 KO-005 KO-007 KO-008 KO-009 KO-012 KO-014 KO-017 Pokal_2019 S-001 S-004 S-006 S-007 S-010 S-011 S-014 S-016 S-027 S-034 S-035 T-048 T-080 Team_Captains_2 Team_Captains_3 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-222411622516101999,3 %21,0
46Niederdorf, Walter1706‑62 E-118 E-119 Pokal_2022 Pyramide Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_B_2022 D-027 E-018 E-049 E-056 E-061 E-062 E-100 Pokal_2019 T-022 T-027 T-031 T-035 T-040 T-046 T-076 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22767612105422,4 %17,0
47Orth, Uwe1883‑66 2._Liga_B_2023 D-092 D-094 D-096 D-103 E-123 E-129 E-130 E-137 E-142 E-146 E-149 E-155 KO-036 KO-038 KO-039 Pyramide S-053 S-054 S-055 S-057 S-058 S-059 S-060 Team_League_2022-2397336417242345,3 %29,0
48Papenfuss, Ingo2404‑417 Pokal_202222
49Passmann, Bernard C.1855‑28 3._Liga_B_2023 D-089 D-090 E-121 E-124 F-009 KO-035 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-057 Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_D_2022451530156960,0 %18,0
50Riess, Bernhard2256‑130 1._Liga_2023 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 1._Liga_2022 LigaA145837529352,7 %19,5
51Rodriguez Perez, Rene2090‑194 D-102 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2023 Pyramide S-047 S-048 S-056 S-061 S-062 2._Liga_B_2022 3._Liga_B_2018 KO-002 KO-003 KO-012 S-006 S-007 S-008 S-009 S-020 S-021 S-022 S-023 S-031 S-0321196199434431759,0 %55,5
52Roessner, Horst2057‑219 D-091 D-101 D-104 E-111 E-116 KO-020 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-033 KO-035 KO-036 KO-041 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-039 S-041 S-042 S-043 S-046 S-047 S-048 S-049 S-050 S-051 S-052 S-053 S-054 S-056 S-061 T-116 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_A_2021 2._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_A_2020 D-054 D-057 D-058 D-059 D-060 D-065 D-071 D-080 E-048 E-053 E-063 E-068 E-099 E-100 E-101 E-102 S-035 T-085 T-097 T-099 T-104 T-110 T-113 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22268202481051103364,5 %160,0
53Schaaf, Susanne1802‑54 2._Liga_A_2023 D-092 D-093 D-095 D-103 E-115 E-116 E-124 E-125 E-126 E-130 E-136 E-137 E-143 F-009 KO-037 KO-039 Pyramide S-054 S-055 S-058 S-059 S-060 Team_League_2022-2386325417162146,3 %25,0
54Schaefer, Uwe2403‑420 Pokal_2020 2._Liga_A_2020 KO-017 S-029151558260,0 %9,0
55Schirmer, Michael2209‑456 D-097 D-042 D-070 KO-014 Pokal_20191911812683,3 %15,0
56Schleef, Harald2107‑108 KO-018 KO-019 Pokal_2020 Pyramide S-049 S-050 Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_A_2020 D-053 D-068 KO-016 KO-017 S-029 S-030 S-031 S-033 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22841833543568,1 %56,5
57Schmid, Thomas1781‑12 Pyramide F-005111114627,3 %3,0
58Schmidt, Juergenohne D-1004440,0 %0,0
59Schmitz, Josef2209‑74 Pyramide Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_B_2021 Team_Captains_2 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22453421821367,9 %28,5
60Scholz, Gerfried2109‑39 Pyramide Team_League_2022-23 MK-01 Team_League_2019-2010374378,6 %5,5
61Schrimpl, Michael1848‑772 3._Liga_A_2023 KO-018 KO-022 KO-023 KO-024 KO-027 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-034 KO-037 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-042 S-043 S-044 S-046 S-047 S-050 S-051 S-054 S-059 T-118 T-119 T-123 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_C_2021 3._Liga_C_2022 3._Liga_D_2020 F-003 F-005 KO-002 KO-003 KO-004 KO-005 KO-008 KO-010 KO-011 KO-012 KO-013 KO-014 Pokal_2019 S-001 S-002 S-004 S-005 S-006 S-010 S-011 S-014 S-019 S-020 S-023 S-025 S-027 S-030 S-031 S-032 S-033 S-035 S-036 S-037 T-009 T-021 T-029 T-032 T-038 T-060 T-081 T-095 T-10531427287876213841,1 %118,0
62Schwenger, Kurt2246‑423 2._Liga_A_2023 KO-023 KO-024 KO-028 KO-030 KO-033 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 S-038 S-045 S-047 S-049 S-056 T-118 T-120 T-122 T-125 T-126 Team_League_2022-23 1._Liga_2020 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2021 2._Liga_A_2022 C-001 C-002 C-003 C-004 C-005 C-006 D-011 D-067 D-068 D-080 F-008 KO-015 MK-01 S-022 T-015 T-036 T-097 T-103 T-110 T-112 Team_Captains_1 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-222234182019798672,6 %146,0
63Staggat, Rolf2112‑61 S-040 2._Liga_B_2021 2._Liga_B_2022181881072,2 %13,0
64Tavenrath, Rainer1912‑492 2._Liga_B_2023 D-087 KO-023 KO-025 KO-034 KO-036 Pyramide S-042 S-056 T-115 T-119 Team_League_2022-23 C-001 C-003 C-004 C-006 D-048 D-051 D-052 D-055 E-029 E-047 E-054 E-056 E-057 E-069 E-070 E-080 E-086 E-095 E-103 KO-012 KO-015 LigaA1 Pokal_2019 S-002 S-003 S-020 S-026 T-053 T-058 T-060 T-061 T-073 T-084 T-091 T-092 T-096 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-221761616038685445,0 %72,0
65Trautz, Rainer2060‑158 KO-031 Pyramide S-048 2._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_C_2019 3._Liga_D_2022 D-041 KO-007 Pokal_201931229961441,4 %12,0
66Vetter, Udo1693‑2411 D-082 D-083 D-085 D-086 D-087 D-088 D-089 D-092 D-094 D-100 D-105 E-105 E-108 E-110 E-120 E-122 E-127 E-128 E-134 E-138 E-139 E-142 E-148 E-149 E-153 E-154 E-156 KO-018 KO-019 KO-022 KO-024 KO-026 KO-027 KO-030 KO-034 KO-035 KO-040 Pyramide S-038 S-040 S-042 S-044 S-045 S-046 S-050 S-051 S-052 S-057 S-058 S-060 T-114 T-123 T-124 Team_League_2022-23 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_D_2019 3._Liga_D_2020 D-023 D-024 D-026 D-030 D-040 D-041 D-042 D-043 D-044 D-046 D-047 D-048 D-049 D-050 D-051 D-053 D-055 D-056 D-059 D-060 D-062 D-064 D-065 D-066 D-067 D-073 D-076 D-079 D-080 D-081 E-013 E-016 E-020 E-024 E-032 E-035 E-036 E-038 E-045 E-047 E-048 E-053 E-058 E-060 E-065 E-066 E-069 E-072 E-083 E-084 E-085 E-087 E-088 E-089 E-091 E-094 E-096 E-097 E-098 F-005 F-006 F-007 KO-009 KO-010 KO-012 KO-016 Pokal_2019 S-001 S-002 S-004 S-006 S-010 S-014 S-015 S-018 S-019 S-021 S-023 S-025 S-028 S-030 S-032 S-033 S-035 S-036 S-037 T-004 T-009 T-015 T-026 T-027 T-029 T-030 T-034 T-037 T-038 T-044 T-045 T-046 T-047 T-048 T-064 T-077 T-083 T-086 T-096 T-099 T-101 T-102 T-103 T-105 T-107 T-11161545156015410929737,2 %208,5
67Warnest, Stefan1695‑490 3._Liga_A_2023 E-144 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 3._Liga_C_2019 3._Liga_C_2021 3._Liga_C_2022 3._Liga_E_2020 Pokal_2019351025232014,0 %3,5
68Wilshusen, Horst1153‑1047 Pokal_20222220,0 %0,0
69Wittal, Werner2089‑1776 2._Liga_A_2023 KO-037 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 Pyramide S-041 S-047 S-048 S-053 S-055 S-061 T-121 T-122 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_B_2021 D-005 D-014 D-022 D-042 D-057 D-068 F-003 F-006 KO-001 KO-002 KO-005 KO-009 KO-013 KO-016 Pokal_2019 S-003 S-005 S-007 S-009 S-013 S-017 S-021 S-024 T-001 T-010 T-013 T-014 T-021 T-022 T-024 T-025 T-026 T-031 T-036 T-037 T-040 T-041 T-042 T-043 T-051 T-052 T-053 T-054 T-055 T-056 T-057 T-063 T-067 T-068 T-069 T-079 T-092 T-093 T-094 T-095 T-097 T-110 Team_Captains_1 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22382233591371517159,2 %212,5
70Wloka, Frank1515‑85 E-106 E-135 Pyramide D-028 D-043 D-056 E-073242221021050,0 %11,0
71Ziegert, Andreas2034‑412 2._Liga_B_2023 F-009 KO-018 KO-023 KO-033 KO-034 KO-036 KO-040 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-039 S-041 S-043 S-060 Team_Captains_4 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_A_2019 3._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_B_2020 D-043 D-052 D-059 E-051 E-052 F-007 KO-010 KO-014 Pokal_2019 S-029 S-036 T-071 T-072 T-082 T-089 T-092 T-099 T-100 T-112 Team_Captains_1 Team_Captains_2 Team_Captains_3 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-221893015966751865,1 %103,5
72Ziegert, Dominik1941‑117 2._Liga_A_2023 KO-018 KO-020 KO-022 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide Team_Captains_4 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_C_2020 3._Liga_C_2022 F-008 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-227318551831660,9 %33,5
73Ziegert, Jonathan2128‑45 2._Liga_B_2023 F-009 KO-019 KO-021 KO-033 KO-038 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_B_2021 2._Liga_B_2022 3._Liga_D_2020 F-008 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-227324491728463,3 %31,0
74Ziegert, Maurice2191‑58 2._Liga_A_2023 KO-019 KO-021 KO-023 KO-029 KO-032 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide Team_Captains_4 Team_League_2022-23 2._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_D_2021 3._Liga_E_2020 F-008 T-088 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-228321622035760,5 %37,5
75Zielinski, Sergej2262‑1055 1._Liga_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pokal_2023 Pyramide S-049 S-053 S-054 S-058 S-059 Team_League_2022-23 1._Liga_2022 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_A_2021 Pokal_2019 S-006 S-007 S-008 S-009 S-010 S-011 S-013 S-016 S-018 S-019 S-021 S-023 S-026 S-027 S-028 S-029 S-034 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-2222028192989475,5 %145,0
76Zoechling, Herbert2164‑880 2._Liga_A_2023 KO-019 KO-020 KO-024 KO-027 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-035 KO-036 KO-038 KO-039 KO-041 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 Pyramide S-039 S-040 S-041 S-042 S-045 S-046 S-047 S-051 S-061 T-121 Team_League_2022-23 1._Liga_2019 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_C_2021 F-007 KO-001 KO-006 KO-007 KO-013 KO-015 KO-017 Pokal_2019 S-002 S-003 S-004 S-005 S-010 S-012 S-013 S-015 S-017 S-022 S-023 S-024 S-025 S-028 S-032 S-034 S-036 T-030 T-050 T-082 T-083 T-087 T-088 T-089 T-098 T-110 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21 Team_League_2021-22342163261631243969,0 %225,0
77Zorr, Steffen2278‑143 2._Liga_B_2023 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pokal_2022 1._Liga_2021 2._Liga_B_202234925814360,0 %15,0
78von Rosenberg, Clemens1203‑2200 3._Liga_A_2023 D-085 D-098 D-099 D-102 D-103 D-104 D-105 E-106 E-108 E-132 E-143 E-145 E-146 E-148 E-152 E-154 E-155 KO-022 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-032 KO-039 KO-040 KO-041 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2023 Pyramide S-042 S-061 T-115 3._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_A_2022 3._Liga_C_2021 D-012 D-029 D-030 D-031 D-032 D-033 D-034 D-035 D-044 D-045 D-046 D-047 D-049 D-050 D-051 D-052 D-064 D-075 D-076 D-077 D-078 E-019 E-020 E-022 E-023 E-024 E-025 E-028 E-029 E-030 E-033 E-035 E-036 E-037 E-039 E-040 E-041 E-044 E-045 E-065 E-076 E-077 E-078 E-079 E-081 E-082 E-090 E-093 E-095 E-096 F-007 KO-004 KO-005 KO-006 KO-007 KO-013 KO-014 KO-015 KO-016 KO-017 S-011 S-012 S-014 S-023 S-024 S-028 S-029 S-034 T-025 T-030 T-032 T-051 T-052 T-058 T-059 T-060 T-061 T-062 T-064 T-065 T-066 T-067 T-068 T-069 T-070 T-071 T-072 T-075 T-077 T-090 T-093 T-094 T-101 T-106 T-107 T-108 T-109 T-111 Team_League_2019-2044943640945735711,9 %48,5

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