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The rules below show players that the pyramid guard is doing everything correctly. For the game in the pyramid the How the Pyramid Works is enough.

For the game in the EmailChessPoint pyramid the following rules apply for challenges starting on 01.01.2018.

  1. To the pyramid belong the players known to the tournament director on the deadline with name, address and level.

  2. Later coming players start at the lowest level.

  3. A player of a level can challenge a player of a higher level if he does not play a challenge nor the other player is challenged.

  4. A challenge is not allowed if the players have played a pyramid game with each other in the last 3 months. This does not apply if the challenger has played another defense game in the meantime or if the challenger has played another challenge game in the meantime, in each case if otherwise the challenger would have to be added to the waiting list or remain on the waiting list.

  5. The challenger always has the white pieces.

  6. The form linked on the name of each player of the upper levels in the image of the pyramid shall be used for the challenge.

  7. A challenge is also effective if it is made by email and the tournament leader is in the address field or in CC.

  8. A challenge contains at least the name and email address of the challenger, the clear statement of the challenger that a challenge exists, and the 1st move.

  9. If a player is challenged several times in quick succession, the pyramid guard will declare the first challenge to be effective and the subsequent challenges to be ineffective.

  10. A challengeable player must accept any effective challenge. Otherwise, he will swap levels with the challenger.

  11. The challenged player has 10 days to accept the challenge. The 10-day period does not end on vacation.

  12. The acceptance email must contain the 1st move of the challenged player.

  13. The tournament director must be notified. It is sufficient that he is in the address field or in CC.

  14. The reflection times for both players start 7 days after.

  15. A player who does not find a player who is eligible to be challenged will be placed on the lowest position on the waiting list.

  16. The tournament leader will assign a challenger to him at the appropriate opportunity if the above requirements are still met.

  17. A player on the waiting list who is assigned a challengeable player and who does not challenge that player will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

  18. Winning a challenge game takes you to the challenged level. The defeated challenged player descends to the challenger level.

  19. A challenger may explain the renunciation of an ascent in the running challenge game. In this case, the challenger is entitled to challenge, the challenged challenger is challengeable.

  20. The renunciation contains a draw offer.

  21. (deleted)

  22. A player who is inactive for 6 months continuously or at the lowest level of the pyramid and is inactive for 3 weeks continuously, or who is assigned a player twice in a row who is then not challenged, is removed from the pyramid.

  23. Inactivity times are times when a player is neither playing a pyramid game nor on the waiting list.

  24. The tournament director will set a deadline of 2 weeks for a player who is less than 2 weeks to 6 months inactive to become active. He will notify a player on the occasion of an allotment in the waiting list if the non-challenge of the allotted player results in the player being removed from the pyramid.

  25. Players removed from the pyramid start from the lowest level in case of re-registration.

  26. If a gap is created above the lowest level due to a player leaving the pyramid, the tournament director will fill it by moving a player one level up if possible.

  27. The highest ranked player on the waiting list will be moved up. If he remains on the waiting list after that, he will be placed at the last position on the waiting list.

  28. If no player on the waiting list can be moved up, a player on the level below the gap will be moved up who plays a challenge against a player on a level above the gap. If this applies to more than one player, the tournament director selects a player to be moved up at his discretion. If it does not apply to any player, the tournament director may move another player up.

  29. The moving-up is repeated as many times as possible.

  30. Players who are inactive or who would rise to the level of the player they challenged are not moved up.

  31. A player can only be added to the pyramid or move up to a level that contains a gap if he also challenges a challengeable player or is added to the waiting list.

  32. A player who is on a level below a gap and challenges a player of a level above the gap is promoted to the level with the gap.

  33. Whoever draws 3 immediately consecutive defense games started after 15.10.2022 shall be relegated by one level. He is entitled to precedence if both players are to be included in the waiting list on the basis of the outcome of the game.
    Space shall be created for him in the level below by moving a player of that level up into the vacated position in accordance with the rules of paragraphs 26 to 30.
    The player shall not be relegated if no player of the level below can be placed higher.
    The count of the 3 immediately consecutive defensive games starts from the beginning when the player changes levels.

  34. A player who has played in the pyramid of another organization, in whose pyramid there is no more play, may be admitted to a level corresponding to the one occupied in the pyramid set. If he was the last top player of his previous pyramid, he will be admitted to the 2nd level and placed on the front position of the waiting list. Sentences 1 and 2 do not apply to earlier players in our pyramid.
  35. If, after the inclusion of a player in accordance with Clause 34, a level has more players than the number corresponding to its designation, it and all levels below it shall be moved down one level. The gaps that arise thereafter shall be dealt with by analogous application of Clauses 27, 28, first sentence, 29 to 32.

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